Growing A Client Base 


It has taken us over 20 years to develop and implement our core values of


and we are excited to share our core values with your firm. 

Our clients fully endorse our services and encourage your firm to contact us directly to discuss future opportunities.

About Retainers On Demand

We are dedicated to helping people who have been affected by drug injury or defective medical products find representation to help them with their drug injury lawsuit.


Every year thousands of people are injured by a pharmaceutical drug or defective medical product. We specialize in providing consumers help evaluating if they have a legal case due to the harmful side effects caused by harmful drugs and medical products. Let our professional network of lawyers help you get the justice and possible financial compensation you deserve.


Our simple process…

Retainers On Demand will sign new clients to your specific Client Fee Agreement and HIPAA form.

A completed Client Questionnaire with full injury and medical details will be sent to your firm.

Each new client will be delicately prepared for transition over to your firm for introduction to your practice and litigation.

Your time is better spent litigating the cases for settlements.

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