Use Your Resources Where It Matters Most: Winning Cases for Your Clients

Retainers on Demand delivers qualified, PNC’s that meet your firm’s immediate and long-term needs via our industry-leading, data-driven lead generation and evaluation system 

What Sets Retainers on Demand Apart

  • Stellar conversion rate: Retainers on Demand brings 20 years of experience and a trendsetting approach to sourcing and vetting leads; don’t waste your firm’s limited marketing budget chasing dead ends

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) reduces human error: our custom-built CRM distributes and evaluates leads based on your firm’s criteria, reducing human intake error 

  • Compartmentalized intake: our industry-first automated underwriting system evaluates leads prior to distribution to our agents, which eliminates the incentive and the ability for agents to alter lead data, which means our leads are CLEAN and result in more signed retainers 

  • Professional transition services: our team prepares new clients for a seamless transition to working directly with your practice

Superior Service

  • Eliminate missed opportunities: our full-service lead generation and evaluation process means potential clients won’t fall through the cracks when lead or call volume exceeds your in-house capabilities

  • Retainers On Demand will work with your team to ensure we deliver new PNCs with the exact documentation your firm requires

  • We provide a comprehensive client questionnaire with complete medical details with each PNC

  • 100% money-back guarantee on all PNCs: all of our PNCs come with client data that includes caller confirmation of your firm’s case qualification criteria, and call recordings are available on request for added assurance

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