What We Do

Full-Services Client Acquisition

We go beyond pursuing and vetting leads to integrate signed retainer agreements directly into your case management system with a robust set of usable data.

Phone Answering Service

Eliminate the risk that you’ll lose a client in this competitive industry by ensuring that your calls are answered and vetted by responsive, empathetic, and prepared call specialists.

You never know who’s on the line when the phone rings. Don’t lose a valuable client to another firm by letting a call land in voicemail. People in difficult situations who have decided to reach out for legal help will shop for a firm that will answer their calls, and our agents can ensure that you don’t lose these clients to another firm.

First impressions are everything, and our agents are industry leaders in the personalized attention that gives clients the confidence to choose your firm to represent them. Our call specialists are trained to be empathetic listeners and to collect all of the essential information required to vet a lead and turn it into a signed retainer.

Bilingual Specialist Support

Build a larger client referral network, grow your lead conversion rate, and expand your business without the cost of hiring your own bilingual staff.

Spanish language support is a key driver in this industry. If you are marketing to the Spanish-speaking community, you need intake agents who can speak Spanish in order to eliminate the chance that a potential client in need will slip through the cracks due to communication barriers.

Expand your earning potential, grow a new and loyal client base, and serve a broader portion of the community with our dedicated and caring bilingual specialist support agents.

Lead Retention for Mass Tort & Class Action Campaigns

Get the greatest ROI possible on your mass tort, mass arbitration, and class action marketing campaigns by outsourcing lead response and vetting to our specialists.

A marketing campaign is only as lucrative as your ability to capture and convert leads allows it to be. Large-scale campaigns can lead to a flood of leads, but if you don’t have enough staff to respond to, qualify, and convert them, your ROI will be minimal.

Hiring and training excess staff to handle the influx of leads can also drastically reduce your ROI, which is where we come in. Our intake agents can expertly process your leads to ensure that your advertising money isn’t wasted. You’ve invested good money into attracting potential clients. Let us ensure as many of them as possible sign retainers.

Plaintiff Fact Sheets

Easy-to-understand breakdowns of important legal concepts and case details can offer clients peace of mind during a difficult time.

Difficult legal concepts can be confusing for anyone, but especially for a client who is struggling with a life-altering event for which they’ve decided to seek legal help. Ideas that come easily to attorneys can seem foreign to non-specialists.

We can provide fact sheets written in layman’s terms that will make even the most complex legal processes comprehensible to your clients, as well as up-to-date breakdowns of the details of mass tort, class action, and mass arbitration cases for plaintiffs.

Diligent and Immediate Lead Follow-Up

Start working relationships off with a high level of trust and avoid losing clients to another firm by letting us ensure new clients receive prompt and personalized responses.

We can respond to an email, web form, or chat lead immediately, ensuring your firm is there for potential clients at the crucial moment at which they’ve chosen to seek legal help. Our agents serve as a seamless extension of your practice, providing clients with the same level of service you would expect from in-house staff.

Incoming leads are instantly categorized and assigned to an intake specialist who can call, text, or email the potential client immediately, providing new clients with the reassurance that they are dealing with a responsive firm they can have full confidence in.

Revive “Dead” Leads with Outbound Intake

Don’t give up on leads or retainers that haven’t been returned with a signature. Let us pursue them for you and ensure that no potential client slips away.

If you have a list of “dead” leads lying around, let our conversion specialists take a crack at them. Your firm has the knowledge and specialized expertise to win cases; we have the knowledge and expertise to convert leads into signed retainers.

Diligence is key in ensuring that potential clients don’t feel left behind. Our conversion specialists can re-engage with clients you considered lost, detect qualified but missed cases, and maintain regular communication until new clients are ready to sign.

Contract / Retainer Service

After intake and vetting, Retainers on Demand can send retainers to new clients on your behalf, ensuring a smooth transition for new clients to working directly with your firm.

Moving a new client from intake to signing a digital retainer agreement in one call locks new signatures in and helps eliminate the chance that a client will shop around with other firms. Digital contract technology can provide your firm with an exponentially higher conversion rate.

Our agents maintain regular and diligent communication with the client to ensure that each retainer comes back with a signature. If a potential client doesn’t sign a retainer during the initial intake process, our agents will follow up to boost your conversion rate.

Case Management Integration

Once a client has signed a retainer, we can send it directly to your CRM system, saving you valuable time by taking care of intake data entry.

We have experience integrating our services with nearly every CRM on the market, so once we’ve completed the intake process and obtained a signed contract from a client, we can move their data directly to your system either in real-time or via daily or weekly file by email.

We work with your firm to customize this process to fit your needs and your clients’ wishes, which makes the transition process to working directly with your firm seamless for you and your new clients. Our data system is HIPAA compliant, so you can rest assured that your clients’ private data remains secure.


Our intake specialists track important data that your firm can use to analyze your marketing ROI and detect new opportunities.

Processing intakes generates huge quantities of valuable data. Our intake agents record lead response times, inbound and outbound call volume, lead source information, call duration, and specialized notes on each intake.

You can use that data goldmine to monitor your revenue sources and detect new business opportunities, which gives your firm an edge in analyzing the performance of your marketing initiatives and making data-driven business decisions.



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